India and China war 2020

                                        What would happen if china attacked on India in 2020?

Let us discuss the outcome of the war but before starting we will also discuss that why china would attack on India-

China even dosent think of attacking on Inida this is their propaganda to keep busy the whole world  also china wants that no one can  talk about Corona virus this time , before meshing with India all the countries had started blaming china and wanted a fair inquiry about the source of corona virus and also Five eyes organization which includes(Australia,USA,New zeland ,UK,Canada)  pressured WHO to investigate in this matter and on the other hand many countries was thinking to cut their ties with china like japan gave huge amount to its companies to exit from china also USA had said the same to their companies and also India started to take some initiative like banning all Chinese app and controlling their investment.

That is why china wants to divert the issue of  corona virus and started another propaganda which is very very furious, china is not only meshing with India but also meshing with its neighboring countries mainly Vietnam,philipines,japan these countries are located in south china see, china had claimed most part of south china see in its territory, few days ago Chinese ship rammed one of Vietnam's fishing boat. China would do the same tactics until the world don’t receive the COVID-19 vaccine once vaccine will come in market all things will settle, but Indian govt must take this matter seriously Chinese Communist party would do any thing to improve its image.

Now coming to main point What would happen if china attacked on India?

If china attacked on India then china will have to pay a lot this time. India in 2020 is completely different since 1962. Indian forces will give shocking reply to Chinese. Our all armed forces is well equipped today. And if matter will become serious then our friends countries will help us but this situation wont come in future.

                                                                                                            JAI HIND

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